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Skills for Success Project

What is Skills for Success:
Skills for Success has an onsite facilitator to help students work on their learning needs and a computer lab that offers the use of the Learning modules, as well as access to English learning in The Alberta Library Auralog program. With Skills for Success, you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule to develop your literacy, English and other essential skills.

What happens when you first start:
You can:
-get tested
-or just get help on something you would like to learn
-take an Interest Inventory and find out how your interests match to possible jobs
-find out what your skills are
-check if they match the skills needed for the job you want
-make a learning plan
-start upgrading your skills to match the job you want
-document your successes
-make a resume & cover letter

What can I work on at Skills for Success:
- Reading and Writing
Skill Levels range from pre-reading to Grade 12.
- English Speaking
Beginner to more advanced
- Mathematics
Skill Levels range from Grade 1 to Grade 12.
- Science
Skill Levels range from Grade 6-10.
- Life skills
- GED Preparation
- Computer and Internet skills

For more information Contact: 780-349-5253
There is some support for transportation and childcare.



Please contact us for any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have. We can be contacted at:

Westlock & District
Adult Learning Centre
#2 - 10007- 100 Avenue
Westlock, AB T7P 2H5

Phone: (780) 349-5253
Fax: (780) 349-3111

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