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MANDT – Relational Level Training

The Mandt System® programs and services provided by The Mandt System, Inc. is based on “Putting People First” and on “Supporting People, Not Just Their Behaviors™”. One of the main goals of The Mandt System® is to teach you how to effectively manage a potentially negative or even dangerous situation by first calming your emotional response and managing your own behavior so you can interact with other people positively. We do this by teaching principles, not techniques.
Maintain a Focus on Prevention – Building healthy relationships in the workplace is the primary ingredient in a prevention strategy.
Focus on De-escalation – Understanding that escalation is an emotional process, requiring that de-escalation tools have emotional components. People will not de-escalate, until they feel safe.
The Mandt System® teaches the use of a graded system of alternatives which uses the least amount of external management necessary in all situations.
Topics Covered are; Building Healthy Relationships, Building Healthy Communication, Conflict Resolution
For more information, you can visit http://www.mandtsystem.com/

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